Architect—James Conrad

Educated at California State PolytechnicUniversity, Pomona, James Conrad is an incrediblealumnus from the School of Environmental Design. His design experiences includerestaurants, hotels, art galleries, and exceptional residences. James is a licensedGeneral Building Contractor and used to be active in designing andbuilding high-end homes from the mid 1980’s to 2000.

Since 2000, James has exclusively focusedon architecture and development. His unique creations are brought torealization working with a select group of high-end builders primarily inCalifornia and Arizona.

The vast knowledge of construction allowsJames to be a better and more efficient designer. James has experience in allfacets of designing and building properties form the acquisition of theproperty to the selection of the final furnishings and accessories. Theresulting homes James have designed are unique in different way as each one isdesigned to maximize the building site’s potential.

Design—DRP, Design for Restaurant Plus,Inc.

Modern, express ive exterior and interior design is the core of DRP. They specialize in commercial design (restaurant design, retail design, bar design, etc). Additional services include 3D renderings, engineering plans, permitting and approvals and construction drawings and cost estimation. Their commitment to creativity and problem solving is evident at retail locations throughout California and has secured DRP’s status as a Los Angeles County recommended business for over a decade.
        Interior Design—SMDA, SM Design Associates

SMDA - Commercial Design   SMDA specialties  range from the interior architecture and layout of a space to interior designand selection of fabrics, furniture, color schemes and more. Instead of merely  scratching the surface, SMDA analyzes the intent, characteristics and longevity  of a space, allowing them to overcome challenges and maximize results while  adding lasting value.

With proven, high-level capabilities, SMDA  instills confidence in clients, from homeowners to resort developers. With both  interior design and project management services, SMDA transforms their visions  into practical and beautiful spaces. Clients have the assurance that their  finished interior design will be unique and usable, not just for today but for  years into the future. Successes in hospitality design, restaurant design,night club design and residential interior design reflect SMDA’s  forward-thinking vision.

        LC Custom Homes

LC Custom Homes is a privately held company  in Los Angeles, CA . LC Custom Homes is currently the general contractor forthis exciting brand new high end Chinese restaurant.

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