Note: Since the management team’s arrival timecannot be determined, the opening time is subjected to change, please keep up with our latest notice.


The property, which includes approximately 10,000 square feet ofrestaurant space, has three levels, including a rooftop, and a capacity of 204 seats. It features two main dining areas, an indoor bar, a patio dining area, abalcony, a roof top bar and lounge, a manager’s office, and a staff office.


         Red Dragon locates in the old Mosun building. Mr Enshan Zhao has purchased this property in 2013. In 2014, the design work for the restaurant remodeling began. In 2017, all permission of construction from the City of Laguna Beach was issued. After the development plan has been approved, the construction has begun in January 2018, and it is expected to be in completion in May 2021.


         Stay tuned for an exciting, brand new high-end Chinese gourmet restaurant !

         Currentdesign renderings are shown below:

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