Cantonese Cuisine, referring to that ofGuangdong Province, China, is one of the eight famous cuisines in China with time-honored history and unique dishes and flavor. Originated from Lingnan in southern China, Cantonese Cuisine enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. It is featured with naturalingredients, unrestrained cooking and joyful taste. Broadly speaking, it is composed of Guangzhou Cuisine (also called Guangfu Cuisine), Teochew Cuisine (Chaoshan Cuisine) and Hakka Cuisine and best represented by Guangzhou Cuisine. Having absorbed all that is good in other cuisines, Cantonese Cuisine is famous for its broad range of materials, rare and exquisite ingredients, innovation through learning other cuisines, and varied recipes to suit the tastes of eaters. It is usually cooked with diversified techniques, mainlyfrying and quick-frying but also including braising, pan-frying and roasting, and a wide combination of ingredients. Its flavor is known as light and tasty, fresh and original, tender and well-cooked, and oily but not greasy. It changes in accordance with the season. In Summer and Autumn, light dishes are favored while strong ones are preferred in Spring and Winter. Moreover, the dishes are further divided into Five Tastes (savory, flaky, crispy, fatty and strong) and Six Seasonings (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and fresh). Both quality and taste are very important. The taste is generally light and delicate while retaining freshness and deliciousness.


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